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Join A Network Of Other Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice Owners To Help Solve Problems And Grow Your Practice Fast!

The Master Mind Principle

"Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force."

- Napoleon Hill

What Is The CBPT Mastermind?

A group of like-minded cash-based physical therapists that can problem solve and share our knowledge to help YOU achieve the next level of success and grow your cash practice!



Surround yourself with other cash practice owners to problem solve together...

Imagine all of the knowledge and experience you could gain in one session and take away to implement into your practice the next day!



Get your direct question and problem answered with a solution that we all can learn from...

Everyone gets a direct one-on-one question or problem to help solve and provide a actionable solution for



Get 24/7 access to our group recordings and ask questions within the group...

You will have 24/7 access to the recordings so you can go back and watch and interact with other cash based practice owners anytime you want

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Looking For Mentorship And Guidance?

There are 3 types...

Theory Mentors

Well read individuals that provide consulting services but have never owned or ran a cash based physical therapy practice.  May give good advice based on knowledge but lack wisdom.  Lowest level mentor.

Witness Mentors

These mentors have worked directly with successful entrepreneurs and cash based practice owners.  Witnesses don't run the business but they have worked under or with the CEO.

CEO Mentors

The information is coming directly from the source...the CEO.  These mentors can tell you exactly what they have done and what has worked for them.  These are the most valuable mentors because they have walked their talk.   They can share what worked and what didn't work in a way that the other mentors simply can't.

Get CEO Level Mentorship Here!

Join our monthly masterminds and surround yourself with other like-minded cash based PT practice owners so we all grow together and let our businesses thrive!

Get Started Today For Only $97/Month!

What Is Included In The CBPT Mastermind?

**This Mastermind Is For Cash PTs Who Are Startups To  Up To $750,000/Year In Sales!**

✔ Live Zoom Strategy Session 1x a month on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 1 pm EST

Access To Video Vault Training

✔ You need to be a Physical Therapist or PTA who owns a cash practice or is just starting their business

✔ Every member brings 1-2 questions or problems to the strategy session

✔ Live question and answer and discussion with each member with personalized solutions

✔ We all learn from providing solutions to everyone's problems...just imagine all of the knowledge from just one session!

✔ Invitation to closed Facebook Cash Based Mastermind Group

✔ 24/7 Access to monthly strategy sessions recordings and access to other's solutions

✔ Goal is to grow your practice from start-up to a full schedule reaching $250K+ revenue! 

You Get All Of This For Only...



Get Started Today For Only $97/Month!

“When I started I was generating only $2,000/month, but after only 5 months in The Cash Practice Mastermind, I am now easily generating $10,500+/month.”


- Chad Kuntz, DPT, Owner of Pr1me Movement

See What Other PTs Have Said About Their Results...

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Don't Do It Alone! Surround Yourself With Other Cash Based PTs And Lets Achieve Success Together!





Get Started Today For Only $97/Month!