Learn how I started a 100% Cash Based PT Practice from nothing – no patients, no physician referrals –  to generating over $20,000 a month!

Grow to a $200K+ scalable cash based PT practice


Learn my proven systems to set yourself and your practice up for financial success


Learn how you can provide for your family, save for retirement, grow your practice, and thrive as a small business owner


Treat patients they way you want and create true value innovation in healthcare: in a cash based physical therapy practice

If You Want To Open A Thriving And Profitable Cash Based Practice, I Will Show You How!

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Marketing 101: Proven CBPT Marketing Strategies 

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Business 101: Business Start-up and Fundamentals 

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Sales 101: The Art of Selling Cash Based Physical Therapy

If you are not comfortable asking $3000+ for a complex patient to resolve their pain, this is the course for you! Learn my customized sales process that is proven to increase your conversion rates and give your patient an unbelievable experience.     click to get access now


CEO and Leadership

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Business 501: Advanced Growth Strategies

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Employee Management

This course will show you exactly how to manage employees in a cash based physical therapy practice to ensure you have a great and thriving workplace for you and the employee.
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 My System Will Show You How To:


Increase your salary, run a profitable small business, and make enough money to live a great life and pay off student loan debt

Learn what marketing is proven to work and what marketing is a waste of time and money in a cash based practice. Don’t waste money on unproven marketing. Learn what exactly works!
Learn how to market and sell physical therapy so you never need to rely on other health care practitioners to refer you patients. Yes you need to learn how to sell physical therapy!
Learn what problems you will encounter before you even experience them! You will have the answers to many of these problems before they even happen! Do you have the right business mindset for this?
Treat patients with the high quality One-on-One patient care and not worry about declining reimbursement and insurance company limitations. Practice physical therapy the way you want and what is best for your patients
Learn how to survive health care reform, ACOs, and thrive in the outpatient physical therapy setting

My simple step-by-step system will not only show you how to start a Cash Based Practice, but how to grow, expand, and thrive as a cash based physical therapy practice in an over-saturated market just like I did!  

This program is ONLY FOR PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. If you are serious and fully committed about opening a cash based physical therapy practice, this program is designed specifically for you! Only 2 CBPT programs are going to be sold per city, so reserve your location today and get started with my 101 programs!

I have invested in numerous  resources to help me get my cash pay clinic up and running, including books and lectures. Ron’s courses have been the most effective and efficient I have found. The step-by-step process answered all the question I had and I loved the personal tips he offered along the way. He has been through this process first hand and provides great insights into the cash pay model that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  I would recommend his courses to anyone serious about starting a cash-pay clinic. The idea of starting out on your own can be extremely intimidating but his courses will provide you with everything you need to feel confident in your business and get patients in the door!”

Dr. Jim Picard

Owner of ReDefine Physical Therapy

“I purchased Dr. Ron Miller’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 programs before opening my Cash-based PT practice.  The simple, yet effective, easy-to-follow tutorials have made it very easy to initiate and be accountable for all areas of business and marketing.  Ron is very passionate about helping others to be successful and gives practical, effective, professional advice in his programs.  He is very accessible and engaging in answering questions promptly.  I enthusiastically recommend Ron’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 for anyone contemplating a Cash-based PT business.David A. Wilderman, PT,DPT,MS

Wilderman Physical Therapy

“I went to Ron for a consult prior to opening my cash based PT practice.  He gave me valuable and tested information. I highly recommend his consulting services for other new cash based PT practices to use his service. It saved me a lot of time and brain fry. Most impressive part, he’s a pay-it-forward guy. Great experience!”

Lisa Boudreaux, DPT, CSCS

Athlete's Tune Up & Repair

“From lead generation via Facebook ads and Google AdWords, to targeting specific prospective patients, and converting potential customers from prospective to paid with his sales process, all with a unique customer experience, I learn something new from Ron every time we talk business. He fully understand the physical therapy industry (value over volume and an clinical expert in orthopaedics), and he leverages marketing and technology to grow his business by reaching and helping more patients everyday. “

Dave Kittle, PT, DPT

CEO of Vinitial Inc.

“I wanted to observe Dr. Miller’s clinic and model of practice because I saw the amazing reviews posted for how he treated people’s pain and injuries. I was also intrigued to see a truly direct access-cash based approach in action.  Dr. Miller’s system is different because it focuses on the patient. In his cash based system, there is no confusion between insurance, what the PCP/surgeon wants, and all the drama of productivity units. There is a strong relationship with the patient and a desire for them to get healthy.   I was inspired most definitely by the autonomy presented at the clinic and the the high quality of care provided. If cash based is the only way to attain this then yes I am very interested in cash based as a model for my future practice.  I now definitely believe the cash based model is possible with Dr. Miller’s cash based system!  I would recommend anyone interested in an autonomous cash based PT practice to learn from Dr. Miller and his simple but highly effective model. “
Nabil Motlagh, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

The training and advice from Ron has been outstanding. I e-mail Ron and he gets back to me the same day. He even calls me when he is driving in his care to or from work, hands free of course. He even answered my texts and wispered with me on the phone as he put his daughter down at 9 pm at night because I had a large presentation to give the next morning and I needed to run some things by him. He is just that type of person. He is there to help you solve your problems while at the same time being a resource to you because he truly is vested in seeing you succeed.  The structure and strategies that Ron has in place have really set me up for a successful outcome. It has been such a systematic way to have processes in place and to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I opened my clinic.  I know I have Ron Miller as a mentor for life. He has proven time and again that he is available to me over text, e-mail, phone, and in any other way that I need him. I always receive at least 2 golden nuggets every time I speak with him!  If you have a cash PT practice, you need to have Ron Miller’s number in your phone. His program has accelerated me in being ready to have a success cash based practice.

Brian Murphy, DPT, OCS, ATC, PES

Owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy

These are the locations that are taken

Orlando, FL


Wilmington, DE


Naples, FL


Little Rock, AR


Royersford, PA

Columbia, SC


Glen Allen, VA


Sarasota, FL


Jacksonville, FL

Seattle, WA


Fort Myers, FL


Wilmington, DE (2)


Jacksonville, FL (2)

Top 3 Cash Based PT Practices

Pursuit Physical Therapy – Revenue of $57,500 in Q3 2017! 31% growth from Q3 in 2016

Harnett Physical Therapy – 14% Growth in revenue Q1 to Q2 in 2017

Pinnacle Physical Therapy – GRAND OPENING July 2017!

Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

After receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, completing and orthopaedic residency, and practicing for 4 years, I had enough of standard healthcare.  I was tired of being overworked and under paid.  I knew I had enough when I was continuously being tripled booked with patients, and I knew that I could still get my patient better with more manual therapy, but I had another patient behind me on a table and my next patient is walking in the door.  So I had to pass them on to a tech to go do exercise.  I was tired of the insane documentation that took forever to do and my bosses trying to tell me to bill 4 units per visit when I was getting them better in 2.5.   This was not the way I wanted to practice nor treat patients.   I had enough and it was time for a change.
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