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Here Are Some Of The Success Stories From Owners We Have Worked With Across the US and Canada!

Dr. Ziad Dahdul,DPT, OCS, SFMA – Owner, Ignite Phyzio

Ziad showed a $1,305 increase in revenue (Thats 113% ROI!) in 1 month after joining the CBPT Mastermind Group

Dr. Ron Miller DPT, OCS – Owner,  Pursuit Physical Therapy

Pursuit just reached $304,718 in sales (all cash) showing 28% growth last year!

Dr. Nick Scotto, DPT – Owner, River City Physical Therapy

Nick showed 136% Growth In Revenue In Q4 In His First Year Investing In Sales and Marketing 101!

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We Have Everything You Need To Grow And Run A Successful Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice!

Below is TONS of cash based strategies (just for you!) that are proven to work and tested to generate more patients and greater sales

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Email marketing

How to start a cash based

If you are ready to start a cash based practice but have no clue where to start, this course if for you.  This checklist will give you everything you need before you see your first patient!

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Learn how to set your rates, create an irresistible offer to avoid price comparison, when to raise your rates so you can increase your revenue!

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Learn how to generate results-based testimonials that produce hot leads and stand out amongst your competitors

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What Is Your Biggest Challenge That We Can Help You With?

Getting Prospective Patients?

Overcoming Cash Paying Objections?

How To Grow and Run a Business?

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Just Look At These Results From Our Courses…


Dr. Charlie Johnson, DPT, OCS – Owner, Physical Therapy & Johnson

Charlie reached $77,000 in revenue in his 1st year (100% cash based) and just broke $20,000 in a month in revenue after his Business and Marketing 101 investment

Dr. Ron Miller, DPT, OCS – Owner, Pursuit Physical Therapy

Pursuit is generating 40+ leads every month with a 66%+ conversion rate

Dr. Georgio Baylouny, DPT – Owner, Phyzio Rx

Georgio increased his conversion rate from 40% to 70%! (all cash paying patients) after using our sales process

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Live Q&A and Personalized Mentorship

Dr. Chad Kuntz, DPT, OCS, SCS – Owner, Pr1me Movement

I was genreating only $2,000/month, but after only 5 months in The Cash Practice Mastermind, I am now generating $10,500/month.”

Here Is What Other Mastermind Members Are Saying…

Hire Our Team For Your Facebook and Google Ads…

Stop Wasting Time and Money Trying to Figure Out Paid Marketing On Your Own!

Facebook Ad Strategy and Management

(Year to date is currently generating 451% ROI!)

Google Pay-Per-Click Strategy and Management

(Coming soon! Still in beta testing!)

(PS: These have been tested and proven to work for us, so you don’t waste $1,000’s of dollars!)

Our simple step-by-step system will not only show you how to start a Cash Based Practice, but how to grow, expand, and thrive as a cash based physical therapy practice showing great profit margins! 

 What Courses Are Best To Grow Your Business At Each Phase…

Start Up Courses


The CBPT Start-Up Checklist: Get the 19 steps you need to start your practice here 

How to start a Mobile-Concierge Cash Practice: If you want to start a mobile practice full-time or side hustle, this your course!

Learn the fundamentals of business and build your systems and processes here

Year 1: Proof of Concept Phase and Reaching $150K+ Top Line Revenue



Design a marketing strategy and lead generation



Learn a proven phone call and evaluation process to convert leads



Join the Mastermind for mentorship and accountability


Year 2: Proof of Concept Phase continued…and reaching over $250K+ Revenue




CBPT Double Your Business Program:  Intensive 1 year program to Double or Triple Your Revenue




Join the Mastermind for mentorship and accountability


Year 3-4:  Growth and Expansion Phase Reaching $400K in Revenue





Design an remarkable patient experience through touch point integration and maximizing WOM referrals





Learn how to higher A team players and how to manage your employees




Join the Mastermind for mentorship and accountability


Scaling:  Taking Your Business From $400K To $1.5 Million+ in Sales (this is a whole different game!)

Advanced Business Management (CEO course) and Exclusive Regional 7-Figure Mastermind…coming soon!



Going From Solo Clinician To Running A Growing Business Is A Huge Step!

We Can Help You Grow, Hire Employees, Manage, and Scale….To Achieve Financial Wealth, More Family Time, and Freedom

Grow Top Line Revenue and Show 20%+ Pre-Tax Profits!

Learn How To design Your Organizational Chart and Set Huge Growth Goals!

If You’ve Been Burnt Out or Haven’t Been Able to Treat Patients The Way You Want…

Then a Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice May Be Right For You!

Learn More About the Proven Blueprint to Cash-Based Success

 This is your ticket to growing and running a successful small business…

✔ Become more financially stable…

 Practice physical therapy the way you desire too…

 And, give your patients the best care that they deserve…

In a system that works!


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