Cash Based Physical Therapy

Get The Blueprint To Break Free Of Insurance, Make Great Money, And Treat Patients Without Limitations!


Is This You?

  • I am BURNOUT¬†and bogged down with unrealistic productivity standards at work
  • I want to provide great quality patient care but... I am consistently TRIPLE BOOKED WITH PATIENTS¬†and limited by insurance companies
  • I want get paid more but... I am¬†OVERWORKED and UNDERPAID seeing 15+ patients a day
Many PT's are overworked and underpaid in standard healthcare causing many of us to get burned out and financially struggle. 

There's A Better Way...Cash Based Physical Therapy!

Have work-life balance and never feel like you have to work on weekends ever again!

Provide high quality One-on-One patient care...the way it should be!

Get paid GREAT for the outcome and value you bring and easily make over $100/hour!

We had a dream of having our own cash-based clinic and to be there for our kids, and with the help of you guys we are off and running!...Last month was great for us too! Thanks guys!

Sigri and Adrian - Bump Fit Physical Therapy

"We had a dream of having our own cash-based clinic and to be there for our kids, and with the help of you guys we are off and running!...Last month was great for us too! Thanks guys!"

Sigri and Adrian - Bump Fit Physical Therapy

I believe in the future of Physical Therapy!  CBPT will help serve other PTs to help them achieve freedom from insurance, to practice the way it should be, and to get paid for the value you bring

About Ron Miller, DPT, OCS


Ron Miller is the creator of the Cash Based Physical Therapy system and he loves to help other PTs open their own cash based practice with his proven sales, marketing, and business strategies.  He has worked in his cash based practice for over 9 years now and is continuing to grow and scale his 100% cash based business: Pursuit Physical Therapy.   Ron Miller is a has help many physical therapists start their practice from scratch to generating over $500K in yearly sales.  He also has given lectures and speaks of annual conferences about cash based business strategies. The future of PT is bright!

  • CEO of Cash Based Physical Therapy
  • CEO of Pursuit Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Orthopedical Clinical Specialist
  • Cash Based PT Business Coach
  • Entrepreneur and Speaker

Lets Change The PT Game!  #changethePTgame

The Cash Based PT Foundation

Get everything you need to start your business and to see your first patient
Start Up Checklist
  • I will help you complete the 27 steps to start your own cash based practice
  • Learn my simple and easy cash based system
  • Learn how use a Blue Ocean Strategy to design your competitive advantage
  • Learn the 7 drivers of business strategy
  • Set your 1 and 3 year goals
  • Get insider access to a virtual tour of my practice
  • Get everything you need to start your cash practice in a simple checklist
Download for FREE!
Business Essentials
  • Get all of paperwork and documentation templates for you to use
  • Learn how to calculate your fee schedule
  • Get all the forms you need: New patient packet, Consent to treat,¬† Medicare form, No Surprise Act, and more
  • Get my HIPAA compliance policy
  • Get my reimbursement - super bill template to use
  • Learn how to reverse engineer your numbers to have healthy profits when your just starting your business
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Initial Marketing Strategy
  • Learn how to design your marketing strategy and how it works in my simple cash based system
  • Get access to my score card template to track your marketing stats
  • Learn how to get your first 10 cash paying patients
  • Discover 10 marketing strategies that you can do at a low cost to generate leads
  • Get leads calling ready to pay you cash
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Website Design Course
  • Learn the fundamentals every website should have to convert more leads
  • Find out my top 5 pages that get the most traffic
  • Learn my favorite strategies to get prospective patients to take action and call
  • Discover my favorite opt-in form that converts hot leads in 2 steps
  • Learn the most important strategy to convert prospective patients into hot leads
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The CBPT Start-Up Bundle

Get all 4 foundation courses for a discounted price and learn:
  • The 27 steps to open your clinic
  • Get all of the paperwork, forms, and documentation templates you need
  • Reverse engineer your number for healthy profits
  • Learn the top 5 pages you need on your website and how to convert website leads
  • Learn the initial marketing strategy to get your first 10 cash paying patients

and much more!

Get access to all of my essential strategies to start your cash based practice fast and start treating patients with the high quality one-on-one care as it was meant to be!
Simple Steps To Start Your Practice
Get Everything You Need Ready To See Your First Patient
Get Your First Cash Paying Patients
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The testimonial process course has truly helped my business thrive even during the pandemic...I have been able to gain over 100 five star reviews on Google in my area already!

Dr Eric Broadworth - Owner Fuel Physical Therapy

"The testimonial process course has truly helped my business thrive even during the pandemic...I have been able to gain over 100 five star reviews on Google in my area already!"

Dr Eric Broadworth - Owner Fuel Physical Therapy

Ready To Blow Away Your Competition?

Make your practice stand out above your competition with the WOW factor

Testimonial Process
  • Learn the different types of testimonials and which one is best
  • Get a copy of my testimonial waiver for you to use
  • Learn my 6 step testimonial process that makes it simple to get testimonials
  • Discover my testimonial strategy that helps generate hot leads
  • Learn how to make your testimonials so good that it blows away your competition
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Creating an Irresistible Offer
  • Learn how to create massive value from the patient's perspective to make them want to pay cash¬†
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Discover my cash based value stack that makes it s no brainer to say yes
  • Learn when to execute the offer to convert more leads
  • See how I use treatment packages and get patients to pay $4000+ for treatment
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Local Listing Course
  • Learn the top 5 local listing platforms you must have
  • Learn how to make your business listings stand out amongst your competition
  • Discover my strategies to show up in the top 3 on searches
  • Learn how I rank #1 in my city with my Google Business Listing
  • Learn my strategy to turn cold leads into warm and hot leads calling you from your business listings
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We had a dream of having our own cash-based clinic and to be there for our kids, and with the help of you guys we are off and running!...Last month was great for us too! Thanks guys!
"We had a dream of having our own cash-based clinic and to be there for our kids, and with the help of you guys we are off and running!...Last month was great for us too! Thanks guys!"

Looking For Mentorship And Guidance?

There are 3 types...

Theory Mentors

Well read individuals that provide consulting services but have never owned or ran a cash based physical therapy practice.  May give good advice based on knowledge but lack wisdom.  Lowest level mentor.

Witness Mentors

These mentors have worked directly with successful entrepreneurs and cash based practice owners.  Witnesses don't run the business but they have worked under or with the CEO.

CEO Mentors

The information is coming directly from the source...the CEO.  These mentors can tell you exactly what they have done and what has worked for them.  These are the most valuable mentors because they have walked their talk.   They can share what worked and what didn't work in a way that the other mentors simply can't.

Get CEO Level Mentorship Here!

Join our monthly mastermind and surround yourself with other like-minded cash based PT practice owners so we all grow together and let our businesses thrive!

The CBPT Mastermind
  • Get CEO level mentorship with real solutions that are proven to work
  • Get 24/7 access to our Video Vault Training
  • Be surrounded with other like-minded cash based PTs
  • Monthly live sessions with Q&A and problem solving
  • Exclusive invite to CBPT Mastermind FB Group
  • Expedite your business growth with proven strategies
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The Executive Mastermind
‚Äď Coming Soon

Ready To Increase Leads, Show Huge Profits,

And Retain More Patients?

Let’s take your business to the next level!

The Phone Call Process
  • Learn my sales strategies to convert more leads into paying patients
  • Learn the Million Dollar Phone Call Script
  • Discover my strategies to overcoming objections on the phone
  • Get my text strategy to learn how to convert leads ready to pay cash via text
  • Learn how to identify the lead and customize the sales process to et better conversions
  • Learn my simple 3 step follow up process
  • Learn how to get prospective patients to say yes to a $220 evaluation
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Evaluation Process
  • Learn how to convert more evaluations into cash paying patients ready to spend $1000's of dollars
  • Learn my pre-evaluation touch points to get them excited to come in
  • Learn the Best Evaluation Ever Process
  • Discover my Money-Back Guarantee policy for you to use
  • Learn my post-evaluation touch points to have the WOW factor
  • Discover how I use treatment packages that range from $1700 to $5,000!
  • Learn how I price my evaluation and know exactly what to charge
Learn More
Business Profit Course
  • Learn exactly what is a healthy pre-tax profit percentage and what you should be striving for
  • Discover how I price my evaluations to cover my customer acquisition cost
  • Learn how to assess your income statement to see business stats
  • Get my CBPT Score card to assess your monthly stats
  • Get more business income statement template for you to use
  • Learn my strategies to managing money and business profits
  • Learn proven strategies to increase pre-tax profits margins
  • Learn how to position yourself for growth and how to re-invest capital
Learn More
Happy Patient Course
  • Learn my 7 phases of the patient experience and what to execute in each phase
  • Learn how to create an experience so good and above the norm that smashes your competition and blows your patients minds
  • Learn how to use touch point integration to create and unbelievable patient experience
  • Discover the $40,000 text story!
  • Learn how to create loyal and ambassador patients to build a referral producing machine
  • Learn how to create a meaningful relationship with your patient that creates the long term patient lifecycle that keep giving
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The Word Of Mouth Referral Course
  • Learn my proven strategies to increase WOM referrals¬†
  • Learn how we generate over 20 WOM referrals a month at my practice
  • Discover the #1 WOM strategy that works every month I do it!
  • Learn how I add these internal marketing strategies to our overall marketing campaign for lead generation¬†
  • Learn how to turn your patients into WOM referral machines
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Ready To Outsource Marketing?

We got you covered with Website SEO services, Google PPC strategies, and designing your FB campaigns!

The Google Strategy
  • Learn my proven strategies the increase leads for Google PPC campaigns that are ROI positive
  • Get professional management from Google certified marketing experts
  • Create proven landing pages that work for Google ad campaigns
  • Get all of the behind the scene Google strategies and analytics done for you
  • You just focus on converting the leads and everything is done for you
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Facebook And GeoFencing Ad Campaign Strategies
  • Learn our proven FB campaign strategy that produces instant leads
  • Learn what niches have worked the best for us in the past
  • Get all FB retargeting campaigns set up for you
  • Everything is done for you and you can focus on converting leads
  • Find out our ad strategy the works the best for FB leads¬†
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Website SEO And Google PPC Campaign Services
  • Learn how this will drive more high quality traffic to your website that will exponentially grow your practice over the next year
  • This is the #1 marketing strategy to take your business to the next level
  • Discover how you can rank organically in the top 3 in Google searches
  • This will produce more warm and hot leads calling ready to pay your cash
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The CBPT Marketing Bundle

Ready to outsource all marketing?  We got you covered!
  • Website SEO services to drive more traffic to website
  • Google PPC ad management and lead generation¬†
  • FB ad campaign and retargeting management
  • Set up call tracking system so you know where leads are coming from
  • Generate more leads with ROI positive campaigns to exponentially grow your practice
  • Monthly reports to assess marketing stats

and much more!

In 1 Year Of This Strategy...We Generated A 63% Increase In Leads Per Month And A 43% Increase In Top Line Revenue...Showing An 8X Return On My Investment!
Outsource Marketing To Save You Time
Increase Leads And New Patients Calling
Exponentially Grow Your Business Fast
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The CBPT Incubator


A Year Long Business Intensive Training To Accelerate Growth For New Cash Based Start-Up Practices
  • Month to month meetings for accountability and progress tracking
  • Access to Mastermind and video vault training
  • Personalized One-on-One mentoring from Ron
  • Monthly score card business meetings and problem solving
  • Get access to ALL of the CBPT courses
  • ¬†Overcome solopreneur problems and get ready to hire your first staff member

and much more!

From start-up to over $250,000 in sales! Get fast tracked to running and growing a successful cash based practice in the first year!
Simple Steps To Follow
One-On-One Mentoring And Accountability 
Exponentially Grow Your Business
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Ready To Hire Your First Employee And Start Scaling?

Vivid Vision Course
‚Äď Coming Soon
New Employee Interview Process
‚Äď Coming Soon
Concierge Specialist Course
‚Äď Coming Soon