How To Make Your Cash Based Testimonials Really Stand Out

marketing testimonials Feb 05, 2024

Everyone is trying to do testimonials and online reviews now...

How are yours going to stand out?

This process will show you how I use Canva and design my testimonials social templates to really make my testimonials stand out..


dominate my competition!

no more reviews that say...

"everyone is nice and this is a great place for PT"

" Ron is great and everyone is caring"

"I highly recommend going to Pursuit Physical Therapy"

We want testimonials like this...

"In April, I had ligament repairment surgery on my left ankle. In June, I headed down to Orlando for my summer internship. When I arrived in Orlando, I was still in a walking boot with no mobility in my ankle. My recruiter was the one who recommended Pursuit Therapy, and it was the best recommendation. I tore these ligaments for the first time in my senior year of High School, and when I attended physical therapy, I had a different therapist consistently. Each time, I would have to reexplain my injury and what progress I had already made.  When working with Michael, it was the same PT every time. He understood my injury and tried to help me recover as quickly as possible. Michael would push me to take leaps in my progression, but he would also listen when I felt unprepared for something. Michael quickly became the best PT I had ever worked with and quickly became someone I would call a friend. Even though I hated getting dry-needled and scraped with a piece of metal, I looked forward to my sessions because I enjoyed my conversations with Michael and would wake up the next morning feeling physically healthier than the day before. I experienced progress extremely fast and wish I could still work with him now. b What I would tell someone considering Pursuit Therapy would be working with Pursuit versus the clinic I am using at school is night and day. I am seeing less progress and significantly less personal care. While Michael is a fantastic PT, he is just as good of a human being. He will listen to your needs and concerns both physically and mentally. You won’t find better care anywhere else."

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