Learn how I started a Cash Based PT Practice from nothing.  No patients.  No physician referrals.  To now generating over $20,000 a month revenue with being 100% cash based!

How are outpatient physical therapy practices going to survive health care reform and ACOs?  How are we going to overcome insurance company limitations and declining reimbursement?  What are new PT graduates going to do with $100,000+ in student loan debt starting out at $60K/year? Start a new creative solution to these problems and show cost effective value in healthcare.  Start a Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice !

I have spent the past 3 years fine tuning and mastering my cash based clinic, starting out with no patients, no physician referrals, and not knowing anything about how to effectively run a small business.  Believe me, this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.   You don’t have to make the same mistakes I made, struggle with opening a small business, or get frustrated when things aren’t working.  I have the answers and I have mastered my Cash Based Practice model to generate over $20,000 a month and my business continues to grow.  Achieving a success health care business isn’t impossible. Until now, there was only information to start a cash based business, not how to correctly run a business, how to effectively market a cash based PT business, how to grow and thrive with a cash based practice.  My cash based system will help you take advantage of opportunities of avoiding costly mistakes and give you the tools to run a successful cash based practice.

With a simple and easy online video based system, you can learn how to start, build, and grow your own Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice. You can treat patients the way you want, make a great living, and practice PT the way it should be!

If you don’t know where to start or don’t know how to open a Cash Based PT Practice, we can help!

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You can download our step by step STARTUP CHECKLIST right now for FREE!  This checklist will tell you everything you need to do to get started and how to initially open your practice.   You will also LEARN THE 8 MOST COMMON PROBLEMS YOU WILL FACE WHEN OPENING UP A CASH BASED PT PRACTICE.  Just complete the form below and get:

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When you are open and ready to start growing your Cash Based PT Practice as a thriving business and like a successful entrepreneur,


Marketing 101 Program

Marketing 101: Proven Marketing for CBPT

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Business 101 Package

Business 101: Business Start up

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Local Domination & Growth Package

ADVANCED: Local Domination and Growth Package

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Mentor & Internship Program

Sales 101: The Art of Selling PT


My System Will Show You How To:

Show you how to increase your salary, run a profitable small business, and make enough money to live a great life and pay off student loan debt
Learn what marketing is proven to work and what marketing is a waste of time and money in a cash based practice. Don’t waste money on unproven marketing. Learn what exactly works!
Learn how to market and sell physical therapy so you never need to rely on other health care practitioners to refer you patients. Yes you need to learn how to sell physical therapy!
Learn what problems you will encounter before you even experience them! You will have the answers to many of these problems before they even happen! Do you have the right business mindset for this?
Treat patients with the high quality One-on-One patient care and not worry about declining reimbursement and insurance company limitations. Practice physical therapy the way you want and what is best for your patients
Learn how to survive health care reform, ACOs, and thrive in the outpatient physical therapy setting

My simple step-by-step system will not only show you how to start a Cash Based Practice, but how to grow, expand, and thrive as a cash based physical therapy practice in an over-saturated market just like I did!  

This program is ONLY FOR PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. If you are serious and fully committed about opening a cash based physical therapy practice, this program is designed specifically for you! Only 2 CBPT programs are going to be sold per city, so reserve your location today and get started with my 101 programs!  There are NO UPSELLS with my programs.  You get everything in the course with your purchase!

I have invested in numerous  resources to help me get my cash pay clinic up and running, including books and lectures. Ron’s courses have been the most effective and efficient I have found. The step-by-step process answered all the question I had and I loved the personal tips he offered along the way. He has been through this process first hand and provides great insights into the cash pay model that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  I would recommend his courses to anyone serious about starting a cash-pay clinic. The idea of starting out on your own can be extremely intimidating but his courses will provide you with everything you need to feel confident in your business and get patients in the door!” Dr. Jim Picard

Owner of ReDefine Physical Therapy

“I purchased Dr. Ron Miller’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 programs before opening my Cash-based PT practice.  The simple, yet effective, easy-to-follow tutorials have made it very easy to initiate and be accountable for all areas of business and marketing.  Ron is very passionate about helping others to be successful and gives practical, effective, professional advice in his programs.  He is very accessible and engaging in answering questions promptly.  I enthusiastically recommend Ron’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 for anyone contemplating a Cash-based PT business.David A. Wilderman, PT,DPT,MS

Wilderman Physical Therapy

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My Story

Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

After receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, completing and orthopaedic residency, and practicing for 4 years, I had enough of standard healthcare.  I was tired of being overworked and under paid.  I knew I had enough when I was continuously being tripled booked with patients, and I knew that I could still get my patient better with more manual therapy, but I had another patient behind me on a table and my next patient is walking in the door.  So I had to pass them on to a tech to go do exercise.  I was tired of the insane documentation that took forever to do and my bosses trying to tell me to bill 4 units per visit when I was getting them better in 2.5.   This was not the way I wanted to practice nor treat patients.   I had enough and it was time for a change. Read more……
My Story