CEO: Creating a new Vivid Vision of Growth

Design a new 3 year vision of growth for your company:

Do not focus on HOW you are going to do it, but focus WHERE the company is going.  What is your vision for it?  Where do you see it going in 3 years?What does the future look like?  What does it feel like working for your company?

Pursuit Physical Therapy’s Vision

What do we do


Our Vision for 20__


What does the clinic look like, multiple locations

Orlando – Central, Orlando – South, Orlando – North, Naples, Sarasota,


Staff and employees






Customer service


Media and Marketing




How do you feel


Core values


How do you do what you do?


Once all of your visions are set, then start reverse engineering your goals and projects.

Each goal can be under:



Customer Service

Employee Satisfaction

Action plan for each goal

what precisely has to happen?

in what order will the steps be taken

who will complete each step

when will each step be done

what is the cost

what other business areas are involved

will a check in with a supervisor need to be involved


What is the ROI of each goal going to be? Time, money, resources, etc

do the math:

10 hours spent for time

$15/hours for employee

$150 total to complete

take the dollars spent and divide by your gross margin percentage = 150 \ 35 %

= $428 at a minimum is what you need to generate in new revenues just to pay for their time, let alone man any money from it.

For example:  my PPC

Justin = $250 a month to manage campaign

Google PPC limit = $500

= $750 /month to run google PPC campaign


Map out the key projects into a spread sheet

project name

project number

goals supported

number of votes

quarter start date

month project ends


days until completion

business areas

areas that will have to be built or implemented


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