The Patient Experience

Just like Amazon changed the e-commerce game with free shipping, this course will change the game of how patient’s experience your services!  Learn how to create life-long loyal patients that build a consistent, lead generation WOM referral machine.


This Course Is For You……


If you struggle to get patients to refer more WOM referrals for you (We had 26 last month!)


If you DON’T have a referral program in place. (Our referral program has increased our WOM by 34%!)


If you lack the systems in place to create long term Ambasssador patients


If you want to DOUBLE your revenue from great quality leads!  (See how 1 patient generated over $28,800 in revenue for us!)


If you want to learn how I decreased my cost per lead from $29.65 to $2.29 in 2 years!


If you have patients that come in for 3 sessions, leave early, before finishing their plan of care (you are loosing money if this is you!)


If your in an oversaturated market and your business is not growing as fast as it should compared to your competition


If you are ready to grow your practice without wasting money on chasing cold leads for marketing (We had 419 leads this year with 209 being WOM referrals, and $2.29 was our cost per lead!)


If you want to increase your conversion rates with easy sales leads

Here is what you get in The Patient Experience

24/7 online access (study at you own pace), Downloadable templates, video education, real life examples, my strategies, and much more…


What is Touch Point Integration and How Can It Help Me?

Learn exactly what occurs at each phase of the patient experience and exactly what I do in each phase to maximize the opportunity!  Break down each phase and capitalize on every opportunity to WOW the patient!  Learn how our no show and cancel rate is < 3% and how we convert 76.5% of our leads, hot and cold leads, into paid evaluations!

Create "Ambassador" Patients That Create Automated WOM Referral Marketing Machines!

By focusing on this, you can drastically cut your marketing expenses, increase profits by reducing the cost of doing business, and increase your customer retention!  Our monthly marketing budget is only $49 and we generate over $25K a month in sales!

Learn How to Generate Over 20 WOM Leads a Month Consistently!

Create a system and processes to get patients advocating for you! Work smarter not harder.  Learn how to create a referral program that will explode your WOM referrals!  Since starting out referral program we generated 12 new WOM referrals and increased our sales by $11,250 in 2 months!


Module 1:



Video and Module Duration: 15 minutes

Action Steps: 3


Module 2:


Establishing Meaningful Relationships

Video and Module Duration:  60 minutes

Action Steps: 5


Module 3:


The Patient Lifecycle

Video and Module Duration: 30 minutes

Action Steps: 3


Module 4:


Communication Platforms

Video and Module Duration: 45 minutes

Action Steps: 6


Module 5:


Phase 1 – Assess

Video and Module Duration: 75 minutes

Action Steps: 4


Module 6:


Phase 2 – Purchase

Video and Module Duration: 75 minutes

Action Steps: 3


Module 7:


Phase 3 – Buyer’s Remorse

Video and Module Duration: 45 minutes

Action Steps: 4


Module 8:


Phase 4 – Treatment Phase

Video and Module Duration:  60 minutes

Action Steps: 4


Module 9:


Phase 6 – Outcome Phase

Video and Module Duration:  45 minutes

Action Steps: 3


Module 10:


Phase 7 – Adopt and Advocate

Video and Module Duration: 75 minutes

Action Steps:  5


Module 11:


Data Points and CRM

Video and Module Duration:  45 minutes

Action Steps:  3


Module 12:


Quality Service

Video and Module Duration: 45 minutes

Action Steps: 5


Module 13:


Internal Service

Video and Module Duration:  120 minutes

Action Steps: 7


Module 14:


Recovery Services

Video and Module Duration:  45 minutes

Action Steps: 4


Module 15:



Video and Module Duration:  45 minutes

Action Steps: 4

What Are Others Saying About The Patient Experience Course

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

Ron provides a very personalized and tailored program for my practice. His advice and recommendations are practical and there is always an action plan for the week. Another program that I was involved with was just too general for my liking and I was left with more thinking than more doing. I prefer direct specific instructions so that I know exactly what to do.  Working with Ron has been very eye opening as he is able to problem solve and provide real solutions in a timely manner to help my practice grow and increase revenue

Nick Scotto, DPT

River City Physical Therapy

The training and advice from Ron has been outstanding.  The structure and strategies that Ron has in place have really set me up for a successful outcome. It has been such a systematic way to have processes in place and to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I opened my clinic. I always receive at least 2 golden nuggets every time I speak with him!  If you have a cash PT practice, you need to have Ron Miller’s number in your phone. His program has accelerated me in being ready to have a success cash based practice.

Brian Murphy, DPT, OCS

Pinnacle Physical Therapy

The return on investment working with Ron was immediate! After learning Ron’s strategies, calls increased from roughly 1/month BCBPT (before CBPT :)) to 6 calls in the first 3 weeks after CBPT. All 6 scheduled a face to face consult and 100% converted to patients.  The biggest value was the mentorship. I not only purchased the course, but got a proven mentor.

Tara Tobias, DPT, NCS

Orlando Neuro Therapy

See How 1 Ambassador Patient Generated $28,800 in Revenue Using Strategies From The Patient Experience Course

Create a System That Places The Patient As The First Priority!

Making patients a priority and making their experience a foundational element in your business, not only sets you apart from your competition, but also creates a long-term meaningful patient relationship that has a ripple effect on your business profits for years to come.

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