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Learn The Fundamentals Of A Cash-Based PT Marketing Strategy...With Over 2 Hours Of Content! 

Learn The Fundamentals Of A Cash-Based PT Marketing Strategy...With Over 2 Hours Of Content! 

ATTENTION: All Cash-Based PT And Hybrid PT Practices...Sorry PT's Only!
Learn How Our Patients Are Saying...Yes!, To Our $165 And $250 Evaluation Rates! 
And Find Out How You Can Make It A No-Brainer For Your Patients To Pay You Cash
Learn How You Can Build Your Own Marketing Strategy 
To Get Your First 10+ Cash Paying Patients,
And Start Filling Up Your Schedule Today!

Is Your Business Phone Ringing?  Marketing Is The #1 Problem In Every Business!...Especially In A Cash-Based PT Practice!

Are Patients Calling, But Saying..."No Thanks...But I'm Going To Look Around And See Others Who Take My Insurance.."

Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

Co-Founder of Cash Based Physical
Owner of Pursuit Physical Therapy - 100% cash-based practice in Orlando, FL

"We see most cash-based PT's start marketing their practice with physical therapy and what treatments they are doing!  Stop Marketing Physical Therapy And Your Treatments!  If you are doing this, you are wasting time and money!  Your marketing needs to be sub-niched down, laser focused, and it needs to speak to your prospective patient on an emotional level on what they really need and want.  Once you start making these simple changes...your marketing will produce more leads, better quality patients, and patients ready and willing to pay cash for your services! "

The Irresistible Evaluation Offer Course!

The Initial Marketing Strategy Course!

Become Immune To Price Comparison, Get Patients To Say Yes To Your Rate That You Choose

...Plus As A Bonus, See My Current Irresistible Offer And 6 Real Life Examples Of How I Use It To Convert Leads!

Register Now To Get Your Pass To Watch This Webinar!

Patients Call Directly From My Google PPC Campaigns Saying..."Yes, $165 Is Fine"

Here Are My Leads From June To August 2020 During The COVID Pandemic...(I Didn't Even Qualify For The Second PPP Loan To Show A 25% Quarterly Loss From 2019 To 2020!)

June 2020 - 41 Leads

July 2020 - 51 Leads

August 2020 - 37 Leads

Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

"I use this same marketing foundation and fundamental strategies every year when designing my marketing strategy for following year.  Get back to basics.  You can use this strategy if you are just starting your practice or if you've been open for 7 years and growing your business.  Every year I start my marketing planning with this!"

What Do You Get Inside The Irresistible Eval Offer Webinar Training?

 Learn A Simple Cash Based System That Is Proven And Works!

 Learn The 7 Essential Steps To Building Your Initial Marketing Strategy...To Attract The Right Patient Ready And Willing To Pay Cash!

 Learn The 4 Different Types Of Marketing And...Which One Is Best For You To Generate The Most Leads!

 Learn How To Clearly Identify Your Ideal Patient Through Demographics And Psychographics...Which You Can Use Today For Hyper-Focused Marketing!

 Identify What Roadblocks And Barriers Are Stopping Your Prospective Patient From Taking Action...And Strategies To Overcome Each Barrier

 Identify What Problems, Questions, And Results Your Patients Have (and with a simple drill...) And Find Out How You Can Use This In Your Marketing

 I Know It's A Lot...But There's More!

 Get Access To My 4 Main Niche Markets And My Marketing Approach For Each Of Them

 Learn A Simple Drill To Write Great Headlines And Sales Copy...To Capture Your Ideal Patients Attention And Say Yes! 

 Learn A Strategy To Identify Exactly Where Your Prospective Patients Are At...So You Don't Have To Waste Time And Money Hoping Your Marketing Works!

 Learn What Is The Best Media Strategy To Get In Front Of Your Patient And Target Them!

 Get Access To A Simple Drill To Find Your Patient's WHY And How To Use It In Your Headlines And Sales Copy!

 Learn How To Create Emotional Pain Points And What Your Patients Really Want!

 Hang In There...I Don't Want To Overwhelm You, But There's Still More...

 Learn How To Create A System To Guide Traffic And Capture Leads...So You Can Know If Your Marketing Is Working Or Not

 Learn What Is The Best Strategy To Get The Best And Highest Click Through Rate

 Learn The Difference Between A Website vs Landing Page vs Sales Page...And Which Is Best For Each Marketing Strategy (You Need To Know This!)

 See Real Examples Of Opt-In Forms And Squeeze Pages That Have Worked For Me!

 Learn What Call To Action Is Best And What Button Copy Is Best To Get Clicks

 Learn What The Buyer's Pyramid Is And The Different Patient Phases Of Awareness

 Learn What Marketing Stats To Track And How I Maximize ROI...So You Can Invest $100 And Make $1,000!

 Get Access To My Marketing Strategies And Breakdown Real Marketing Examples...That You Can Use Today!

 And Much More...

There Is Over 2 Hours Of Content And Strategies Here Valued At $3997...But You Get All Of This For Only

$399 Only $187 *Limited Time Offer

I Understand That You Think Getting Your First Couple Cash-Based Patients Is Hard...But Its Not!

Here Is Some Of My First Few Cash Paying Patients, That Paid $1000+, When I First Started My Clinic 
(...leasing 1 room in a fertility center building!  Yep! That's right!)

...and yes, I did wear more than just blue dress shirts when I first started!

The Irresistible Evaluation Offer Course!

Become Immune To Price Comparison, Get Patients To Say Yes To Your Own Rate (That You Chose), And Make It A No-Brainer For Your Patients To Pay Your Cash

If This Course Would Help Convert Only 5 New Patients Next  Month...Is It Worth Investing $187?

Register To Get You Webinar Pass, Today!

With your purchase, you get instant unlimited access to our webinar!  See the first step, and most essential step you need to do, in order to create a marketing strategy that works!  Also, see how to define your ideal patient and design a strategy to target that perfect patient for your practice.  At the end, we will show you an example strategy and help you build your marketing strategy to start producing leads today!

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