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Learn How You Can Create Powerful Testimonials For Your Practice (Dominating Your Local Competition) That Generate Hot Leads...Daily!

Learn How You Can Create Powerful 
Testimonials For Your Practice (Dominating Your Local Competition) That Generate Hot Leads...Daily!

This is a real screenshot of my Google Business Listing!  Learn exactly how I generated over 200 5-star testimonials to overcome an over-saturated market and stand out amongst my competition!
Dr. Eric Broadworth, DPT, OCS 
Owner of Fuel Physical Therapy
"I  have reached over 100 Five-star reviews on Google fast...and the stories that my patients tell in their reviews does all the selling for me!"
"Ron and Dave's testimonial process course has truly helped my business thrive even during the pandemic. Through their guidance and course I have been able to gain over 100 five star reviews on Google in my area. Not only that but the stories that patients tell in their review does all the selling for me! It makes a "cold sale" much warmer and easier because they can go through and see the social proof for themselves. This is crucial for my business because I rely all on word of mouth, Google and social media to market my business. If you are on the fence with purchasing this course, I would just ask how serious you are about your business. If your business isn't that serious to you then that's fine. But if you want to take your business to the next level then you need to purchase this course today."

Do You Want Testimonials Like This...

“I love this place. Everybody is caring and very knowledgeable on how to help you recover from an injury. Highly recommended spot!”

Or Like This...

“I'm a basketball player who's been dealing with ankle problems for years. Multiple sprains in both ankles and surgery for a bone spur in my right ankle. I tried everything. Talked to multiple doctors, physical therapists, and alternative healers and it wasn't until I was introduced to Pursuit by a trusted friend that I finally found a solution to heal my pain. The treatment approach was individualized to my unique situation and in just a few short months I was finally able to get back on the basketball court without pain. I felt like it would take a miracle to say that. I'm extremely grateful to the entire Pursuit team for giving me my passion back. For anyone on the fence about starting with Pursuit all I can say is stop waiting. Pain isn't permanent you just have to make healing a priority. Living with pain is not worth waiting. The Pursuit team will take care of you. I lived with pain much longer than I needed to. Don't do that. Start as soon as you can.”

See The Difference?  If You Were A Prospective Patient...Who Would You Choose For Treatment?

Learn How To Maximize Every Testimonial...To Do The Selling For You! (so you don't have too)

Dominate Google and Google Maps searches when prospective patients are searching online

Learn how to really make your testimonials stand out with a simple and easy process!

Learn how you can rank #1 on other local listings...that drive local traffic to your website

Introducing...The Testimonial Process Course!

Learn a simple and proven process to get your patients to tell their story, share it online, and generate hot leads calling ready and willing to pay cash for your services!

What Is Included In The Testimonial Process PDF Course?
Thanks for asking!  This is exactly what you will get inside:
  Learn the different types of testimonials and which one is the best (to generate leads) for your practice!
  Learn the 7 strategies to get testimonials if you don't have any yet
  Get a copy of my testimonial waiver form...for you to copy and use.
  Get my 5 step testimonial process, to get more and more patients writing testimonials!
  Get my testimonial email template to copy and make it simple and easy for your patient!
  Learn my top 5 pre-framing questions to make your testimonials really stand out
  Get my testimonial sharing strategy and know exactly where to post your testimonials
  Learn the proper online format to really make your testimonial stand out and eye-catching!
  Learn how to use a Testimonial Wall Do you know what the wall is?
  and much more....
This Is A Total Value of $499!

But You Can Get All Of This On Sale Today, For Only...


Here Is What Other Cash-Based PTs Said About Working With Us...

"We had a new patient call and book from my website and reviews!..."
Dr. Sigri Reyes, DPT
"Helped me raise my rates from $150 to $200!..."
Dr. Duane Scotti, DPT
"My conversion rate increased from 22% to 56%!.."
Dr. Eric Otero, DPT
Letter From Ron
Do You Want 15+ Phone Calls A Month With Hot Prospective Leads Ready And Willing To Pay Cash?
I get 20+ phone calls a month, just from my Google Business Listing and over 30 clicks to my website just from Yelp... all due to my testimonial process! 

Over 50% of our phone calls are warm and hot online leads...just from our online testimonials!

Remember, 70-90% of people make a decision from a review!  If everyone is trying to get more testimonials are you going to stand out?

Learning how to leverage the power of testimonials and allowing your patients to tell their story is a very effective marketing strategy that you must do!  

(and it will do the selling for you!)
What do I mean by this?...

This is what my patients are saying when I asked them how they found me:

"I read your testimonials and they were so I called!"

"I searched for best physical therapy and you have like 200+ testimonials, so I called"

"I read some testimonials, and they were so long, authentic, and it sounded just like my I called to find out more information"

"Dude, you have like so many more testimonials than everyone else..."

"You were the #1 ranked clinic on Google so I called."

"I was looking online and your testimonials really stood I called"

"I saw your testimonials and thought...either this guy is total quackery and these are fake or this guy is the best.  I started reading the testimonials and noticed that these are real and everyone was different and I thought, well he is the I called."

"You have great online I called."

All of these patients became warm and hot leads after reading my testimonials...ready and willing to pay $165 for my evaluation!  

(and the sales process on the phone is so much easier too!)

You must learn how to effectively design and promote your testimonials! 

This course will teach you exactly what to do to create powerful testimonials, share them online, and become the #1 ranked clinic in your city!


The Testimonial Process Course!

Learn a simple and proven process to get your patients to tell their story, share it online, and generate hot leads calling ready and willing to pay cash for your services!

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