All Courses: Marketing 101

Welcome To Marketing 101

Course 1:

Logos, Infographs, Images, and Video Editing

“How to design your logo” I would keep it simple and pay someone else to design and create this.


Course 2:


Some people start using this because of the personal branding or there business name is their name. This does take advantage of the likes and personal established following already


Course 3:

Its Not About You, Its About The Patient

There are 3 main way to use Google:
Google Business Listing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Blogging
Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC)


Course 4:


Simple exercises for patients to perform at home
No intros, keywords, or SEO needed
You can use a description to write out anything with exercise if needed
You can create playlists on your channel to help organize


Course 5:

How much are you willing to spend on 1 patient concept

This is ESSENTIAL to understand and know when spending money on a marketing strategy. There is no right or wrong answer but this is for you to calculate through your score card.


Course 6:

Live lectures, lunch n learns, and webinars

Running injury prevention lecture at a running shoes store
Golfing injury prevention lecture to Country Club memebers
CrossFit injury lecture to CrossFit memebers


Course 7:

Study trends in Healthcare

In college, I saw one of my roommates reading a Cosmopolitan Magazine. My friends and I were like “WHAT are you doing man!”


Course 8:

The discharge patient experience

Yes, there is still marketing that is done at the discharge process. This is what should be done:

  1. Give the patient a successful outcome and exceed their expectations with patient care

Course 9:

4 types of online prospective patients

Online marketing is different than general marketing strategies. The great thing about it is that they are ACTIVELY looking and searching online.


Course 10:

Advertising Format

This could be a flyer, a newspaper ad, a radio commercial, or a landing page. You can use this outline for anything. This is a must when starting marketing for your practice


Course 11:

Assess and reassess marketing

Just like pre and post treatments, you must assess and reassess your marketing efforts. This is how you will know what marketing is working and what marketing is not.


Course 12:

Basics of Blogging and SEO

In a business you need to learn how to sell your product or service. So yes, we need to learn how to sell. Learn how not to sell and what is an effective and proven method to sell that works.


Course 13:

Content writing and copy

Learn what to do when discharging a patient that will exceed their expectations and make them want to refer more patients to you.


Course 14:

Email marketing

The most obvious place to start in order to send emails your customers want to see is segmentation. Don’t send everyone the same thing! This soundsobvious, but very few businesses take the time to do any segmentation at all.


Course 15:

Marketing books to read

These are the books I recommend to start reading:
How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie
Contagious – Jonah Berger
NO BS Direct Marketing – Dan Kennedy


Course 16:

How does the 101 system work

Goals, to marketing strategies, to the phone call process, to evaluation process, selling, to new converting new patients!


Course 17:

Don’t Start with Branding Marketing

This is example of branding marketing and this does not work when starting out, and better yet when the public does not know what physical therapy is.


Course 18:

Good Marketing Books to Read

Here are some good marketing books to read at first to help you understand effective marketing strategies.


Course 19:

How to NOT start marketing

Lets start with what not to do when starting your business!. Stop “Brand” Marketing. No one knows about you, your logo, or your brand yet. The brand will come with time and as you develop a reputation of an expert that shows great results.


Course 20:

Internal vs external

What is the difference between external and internal? Which one is better for me? What do I need to focus on at first? Find out the answers to these questions here.


Course 21:

Its Not About You, Its About The Patient

When marketing physical therapy services, everyone talks about themselves! But, it is really not about you and what you accomplished, focus your marketing about the patient!


Course 22:

Landing pages

We created a new landing page in Unbounce starting with the 5-Elements template. We customized the template based on the client’s brand,


Course 23:

Local Pages and Social Media

The social media is important especially at the local level. These local pages you need to set up to help with local searches..


Course 24:

Targeting Your Specific Patient

Look how specific the lawyer’s perfect client is. Everyone’s perfect patient is going to be different but you need to clearly identify your ideal patient and who you will be attracting with your marketing.


Course 25:

Your website

Your website has one goal and that is to taken someone locally who is looking for treatment and get them to call and take action.


Course 26:


Age and demographic – what local channel has your ideal age and demographics, 30 or 60 second ads (I recommend 60 sec ads), play ads during rush hour traffic morning and evening


Course 28:


Whether its a blog post, email headline, or Facebook ad, headlines are essential for your audience to take action and to increase click rates..


Course 30:

Basics of Content Writing

There’s a lot of detail that goes into fully optimizing a site, its written content, and the targeted keywords. However, blogging is an area where you don’t have to be an SEO expert to write effectively


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