Cash Based PT Sales 101

In business, no sales = no revenue = no business soon.  Sales cures all in business.  It is essential to learn how to sell your product or service when owning a cash based PT practice.  Combine this with an unbelievable patient experience and you will be set up for success

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This is the answer to when your marketing works, but you have no new patients

Learn my specific sales process that has been proven to work in a cash based practice.  Learn what exactly you need to say, at what time, and how take the lead in the sales process.  Learn how to overcome the “Do you take my insurance question?”


Increase your conversion rates

You don’t have to do anything to get 2/10 prospective patients to committ to your treatment POC.  20% is easy.  Learn my specific strategies and sales process to get 50%, 60% + of your prospective patients committing to your treatment plan and services

Use touch point integration and deliver a superior patient experience compared to your competition

There is no other course out there that has proven sales process and strategies specifically for physical therapists and for a cash based PT practice.  Increase your conversion rates and deliver a service that your patients say yes!

Here is what you get in Sales 101


Course 1:

How NOT to Sell

Misleading prospective patients to protect themselves and the cheesy saleman (the car salesman!) or poor sales questions = False Rapport with the prospective patient.


Course 2:

How to Ask For Money and Payment


First, during the phone call process YOU MUST LET THE PROSPECTIVE PATIENT KNOW THAT YOU EVAL WILL COST$_______ and confirm with them. Don’t surprise them with this after the evaluation is completed. The patient should know this before they come in for the evaluation.


Course 3:

What I’m Thinking In My Head During the Evaluation Process


Depending on what the patient tells me throughout each step I will be thinking about: their goals, failed treatments, emotions, pain, other treatments that failed, their deductible and OOP expense, HSA vs FSA, and in there is any incentive or urgency, etc.


Course 4:

Dave’s Phone Call Process


You need to learn how to sell your services!  Learn many of Dave’s strategies and “ninja moves” here!


Course 5:

6 Strategies To Do When Selling


You cannot make every sale and sell everyone. When someone is in “knowing mode” they really think they know everything, they know what is best, and very closed minded. These people won’t.


Course 6:

Good Business Principles and Etiquette


Excellent customer service. Exceed their expectations. Physical therapy and health care is an over saturated market with lots of competition.



Course 7:

How does the sales process fit into my 101 system


Goals, to marketing strategies, to the phone call process, to evaluation process, selling, to new converting new patients! There are many steps to this system and you needs to have a proven processes to complete each step.


Course 8:

How to get better at sales

Just like the first time you ask a patient to pay cash for your services, you will feel uncomforatble at first. But, the more you practice selling.


Course 9:

Its Not About You, Its About The Patient


There is an old saying in business ” the customer is always right” , and whether they truly are right or wrong, in business, especially a service business.



Course 10:

The Art of Selling


Sales, selling, advertising, marketing, etc is just another word for psychology. Which may be scary to think about when you start learning sales and marketing strategies!


Course 11:

The Evaluation Sales Process


EVERY patient is met at the door with a smile, introduction, and handshake by me. I walk them back to the evaluation room and I tell them what exactly is the goal and outline today


Course 12:

The Patient Experience, BMW vs Mazda


Is your practice and your patient’s experience like Mazda or BMW? Do you fall below patient expectations, meet them, or exceed expectations?


Course 13:

Ron’s Phone Call Process


Learn exactly what I do during the phone call process, step-by-step, to show a 70% conversion rate without needing a follow up.  AKA Jedi Knight status!


Course 14:

The Post-Evaluation Email


After the evaluation is completed and you have finished your sales process, if they leave your clinic without committing to treatment, you have to make an offer they cannot refuse.

What Are Others Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

“Ron’s sales process is ON POINT!  Selling is not a bad word! Ron definitely knows how to sell his services and converts whoever calls into active patients, who love his patient experience.  One of my favorite quotes from Ron includes “If you are doing all of the talking, then you are losing the sale.”

Georgio Baylouny, DPT

Owner of Vinitial, Inc

“Ron gave me valuable and tested information. I highly recommend his consulting services that other new cash based PT practices to use his service.”

Lisa Boudreaux, DPT, CSCS

Athlete Tune Up & Repair

“The return on investment was immediate. After learning Ron’s sales strategies, I transformed my social media and website marketing. Calls increased from roughly 1/month BCBPT (before CBPT :)) to 6 calls in the first 3 weeks after CBPT. All 6 scheduled a face to face consult and 100% converted to patients. ”

Tara Tobias, DPT, NCS

Orlando Neuro Therapy

Let's Review, Everthing You Will Get In Sales 101!

Get Sales 101 for $1497  for only $997!

All of our Sales Strategies and Tips

Ron’s Phone Call Process

Dave’s Phone Call Process

The Evaluation Process

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Learn a Proven Sales Process That Helps You Increase Your Conversion Rates and Increase The Number of Fully Committed Cash Paying Patients!

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