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Quality Service

Organizations must understand that building a competitive advantage in the marketplace depends on delivering a customer experience that is different from their competitors.

Pursuit’s results are driven by over managing certain things that most other companies undermanage or ignore – and that is a key source of what differentiates us.  We have learned to be intentional with every patient interaction and experience.

Over manage means:

  • Thinking about things differently than others and to a greater degree
  • Paying extraordinary attention to details
  • Strategically placing emphasis that is both greater than and different from what is typical corporate healthcare
  • Having an exceptional and meaningful patient experience

Over manage the processes around designing, delivering, and recovering exceptional service.

Exceptional service is achievable in all organizations because it is architected from systems and processes you control.  Exceptional service is about systems, standards, and processes that you set as the CEO and owner of your cash based PT practice business.

Exceptional service results when you excel with:

  • The careful design of services
  • The intentional, flawless delivery of service
  • The construction of a recovery safety net when service does not go according to plan



There has been a gradual and insidious decline in customer service, which has created a significant opportunity for service-based (us in a cash based practice!) differentiation.  As a society we have developed an acceptance of poor customer service, because in the majority of cases it is the norm.

It is critical to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the entire patient experience at your practice!

As physical therapists, we are in the service industry.  If you can capitalize on personal interactions with your patients and create a remarkable patient experience, you can take full advantage of the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.   This is the key to setting your practice apart in an oversaturated healthcare market, and have patients ready and willing to pay cash for your services (even at a premium rate!).


  1. Make a list of what standard care does and what a patient goes through in standard healthcare through each phase of the patient experience
  2. Now, after going through each phase module, compare what you are going to do and how you will exceed patient expectations and improve your patient experience
  3. compare your processes vs standard care and make sure your systems squash your competition
  4. Make sure your processes and systems are written out for each touch point
  5. Make sure the person responsible is trained properly and executes

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