501: Maximize WOM Marketing

Here are some strategies I recommend to maximize and increase Word Of Mouth Marketing.  After all, this will be your #1 marketing strategy

1.Hand Written Thank cards for referrals or completion of their treatment


Completion of care

Saying Thank You goes a long way

2. Connect on human emotion with authentic testimonials

Follow the testimonial outline

New patients are more likely to take action with a website or page with patient reveiws.  patient reveiws are 12x more trusted

paste testimonials everywhere

Website, google page, facebook, landing pages, angie list, healthgrades, and make an graphic to highlight your testimonials as they increase

3. Continuously encounter with past patients

email marketing

phone call to catch up

educational content


refer a friend email

holiday special

updates with business and family

birthday email, card, or phone call

visit event with patient or support their business

4. Give your patients an unbelievable experience and great customer service

This goes back to touch point integretion.  Go back to all of the touch points in your patient’s experience and make sure it is perfect and better than standard helathcare

phone call

text confirmation with video link

text reminders

introduction at evaluation

evaluation process

first email


communication processes


D/C process

5. Make it easy to leave reviews

include links in the D/C email so they can just answer your questions, copy and paste it to a link.  It needs to be simple and effective for them

6.  ask them for referrals

Yes, it seems so simple, but we are hesitate just to ask them.  Either at the halfway point or a D/C after a positive outcome is the best time

We cannot incentivize patients due to Stark Laws and Anti-Kickback laws, so the best we can do is just ask them for referrals

“Do you know anyone else that is dealing with pain or an injury?  I would love the opportunity to help them .”

“Do you know anyone else that would benefit from my services?”

7.  Idenify your “Abassador” patients

these are past patients that command a large network and audience that can greatly impact your WOM marketing and new referrals.  Take care of these people.  If done correctly it can amplify your WOM referrals.

ex . lawyers

8.  go above an beyond with follow ups and gestures

visit a race, phone call, send a letter for family events

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