Cash Based PT Business 101

Let’s face it, most physical therapists are horrible at business!  We have no clue what to do.  Learn the secrets of how to run your Cash Based PT business efficiently and what is the key to growing your profitable business.

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Learn how to objectively measure your business stats

Learn exactly what statistics you need to be managing and how to analyze trends in your cash based business.  This system will allow you to step back, analyze your business in a simple monthly spreadsheet, and assess what works, what doesn’t, and calculating your profits each month.


Whats the difference between you and standard care?

If your outcome and service is the exact same outcome and service that a patient can receive in standard healthcare using health insurance, what value are you really bringing? Learn how to create real value that people will gladly pay you cash for!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stop seeing 3 patients per hour, being overworked with documentation, and being happy with getting paid $50/hour.  This isn’t what I envisioned PT being when I came out of school.  Treat your patients the way it should be, see 6 patients a day, and make great money doing it!

Plan and Pricing

Compare my cash based PT system to how much others cost

Other Programs

  • Consultation fees
  • Startup blue print only
  • individual visit guidelines
  • One person small practice
  • no growth and practice expansion
  • networking marketing
  • Upsell costs so you have to pay more to get access to the real information

Other Programs

  • MBA training
  • Start up blue print
  • Consultation fees
  • no advanced marketing strategies
  • no growth beyond one PT again. limited salary
  • individual sessions only
  • not proven to work beyond a small practice
  • force you to pay a “membership” fee for information they already shared to the public
  • again upsell cost and you have to pay more money to get all of the information

What Are Others Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

I purchased Dr. Ron Miller’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 programs before opening my Cash-based PT practice.  The simple, yet effective, easy-to-follow tutorials have made it very easy to initiate and be accountable for all areas of business and marketing.

David A. Wilderman, PT,DPT,MS

Wilderman Physical Therapy

The training and advice from Ron has been outstanding.  The structure and strategies that Ron has in place have really set me up for a successful outcome. It has been such a systematic way to have processes in place and to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I opened my clinic. I always receive at least 2 golden nuggets every time I speak with him!  If you have a cash PT practice, you need to have Ron Miller’s number in your phone. His program has accelerated me in being ready to have a success cash based practice.

Brian Murphy, DPT, OCS

Pinnacle Physical Therapy

“Business 101 really helped me kick start my start up! It provides details on everything from excel documents on start-up cost to recommended business books to lectures on patient communication. I was able to solidify my business plan and get the clinic rolling with his system.”

Jim Picard, DPT

Prevail Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my practice not growing like I planned?

When I first started: I had great goals and that I was going to make over $100,000 a year in my first year.  I thought I was a great PT and that I could really help a lot of people.  But, it is not that easy with a business.  You can be the greatest PT in the world, but if no one knows about you, then your business will fail.  I was under charging my time and services and I was focused on marketing that wasn’t working.  Just because you try a great new marketing technique that makes sense and you think it should work, and it really doesn’t work!  This is what makes running a business so challenging! I did this for a year until I really understood how to efficiently run my business and then implement proven marketing strategies that were cost effective.  You don’t have to make these mistakes that I made starting up.  This is why I created Business 101 and Marketing 101.

What is your refund policy?

We currently do not offer a refund on purchase.  It would not be fair to me if you learned all of the information, implemented it, and then asked for your money back.  If you are not satisfied with the product, then simply send us an email and we will work with you to help implement this information into your practice. Our goal has always been to help you create a happy, thriving cash based PT practice.  It does take time with some of these concepts, but we will work with you to help you get to where you need to be.

Patients keep telling me it costs too much. What do I do?

The days of health insurance covering everything are over and the patients will be more responsible for the cost of their healthcare, especially when it comes to non-vital services.  Patient and public education is the key!  Whether the patient is talking to you on the phone or during the evaluation, you need to be able to attract the ideal patient, educate the patient, and propose the plan to the patient what exactly you will do for them.  make it so good that they can’t turn it down.  My strategies will address all of these factors so you will know exactly what to do to prevent this question from occurring and how to overcome this question.

I want to personally make over $100,000/year but I am struggling just to make $50,000

Do you even have personal goals set with your business?  Short term and long term?  You better.  Here is a hint, a goal without a set deadline… just a wish.  You need to be organized and goal oriented.  Design a specific plan to attain these goals and implement them.  We should all be making over $100,000/year with our education, with the value that we bring to healthcare, and with the great long term outcomes that we can get for our patients!  Now, the question is ….how are you going to get to achieve your goals and by what proven process?

I feel like I am over worked with the business and do not know what to do now?

Yes, when starting a small business and a new cash based business, you will have to work hard.  Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.  But as your business starts to grow, as your are showing great outcomes, and delivering great patient care, then you need to have a smooth and efficient process to stay organized.  Work smarter not harder.  We all have different goals and definitions of success, but we need to make it efficient and cost effective.  Easier but never simpler, or as Einstein states ” Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  When I started, I thought I was doing a good job, but I was not organized, not on pace to reach my goals, and running an inefficient business.  Again, you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I made my first year.  Now you have access to exactly what works in a Cash Based System to get over $10,000/month of revenue.  One more thing, one person can only see so many patients a day and only work so hard, what do you do when you are maximized and plateau?

Start Running Your Business Like a True Entrepreneur

Learn exactly what I did to EFFICIENTLY run my business and GROW my Cash Based PT Practice.
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