Cash Based PT Business 101

Let’s face it, most physical therapists are horrible at business!  We have no clue what to do.  Learn the secrets of how to run your Cash Based PT practice efficiently and what is the key to growing a profitable and thriving business.

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Learn how to objectively measure your business

Learn exactly what statistics you need to be managing and how to analyze trends in your cash based business.  This system will allow you to step back, analyze your business in a simple monthly spreadsheet, and assess what works, what doesn’t, and calculating your profits each month.


Learn how to stand out in an oversaturated market and squash your competition!

If your outcome and service is the exact same outcome and service that a patient can receive in standard healthcare using health insurance, what value are you really bringing? Learn how to create real value that people will gladly pay you cash for!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stop seeing 3 patients per hour, being overworked with documentation, and being happy with getting paid $50/hour.  This isn’t what I envisioned PT being when I came out of school.  Treat your patients the way it should be, see 6 patients a day, and make great money doing it!

Here is what you get in Business 101

24/7 online access (study at your own pace), excell downloadable forms, and all future updates included


Course 1:

Do You Have the Right Mindset?

Learn the right mindset of what the most successful people in the world have. There is a reason WHY they are successful. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you need to think the same way.


Course 2:


Use your emails as marketing and create your email signature at the bottom. So whenever you send emails, people are exposed your logo, name, and anything else you want to highlight.


Course 3:

Location, Location, Location

Learn what worked for me when opening a cash based clinic and what criteria I looked at when choosing a location


Course 4:

Trends in Healthcare

Do you know what the future healthcare trends are, do you know the prognosis of a patient during the evaluation, can you predict what the economy is going to do? If so, the prediction, value, and prognosis there can show HUGE VALUE!


Course 5:

The 80/20 principle and multitasking

Learn 5 simple things that will set your business above others and increase your patient satisfaction


Course 6:

Blue Ocean Strategy

You will learn how to decrease costs and increase buyer value


Course 7:

Business Books to Read

This will put you in the right “business” mindset and to study what the most successful business people are doing. These books will get you thinking like a business owner and how to overcome hardship and failure


Course 8:

The Business Proforma

This will allow you to track your revenue and expenses for your first 3 years. You can also set your monthly goals with this and see if you are below or exceeding your goals.


Course 9:

Can You See a Medicare Patient

I like to keep this simple and to the point. Find out if you can see a Medicare patient or not here.


Course 10:

Circle of Influence

What is your current local circle of influence?Who are the people you affect, talk too, hang out with, associate with, know, refer too, who own other businesses, etc with around your area? Who do you know?


Course 11:

Communication with Patients

Learn the most efficient and easiest ways to communicate with patients. Your patients will love this and its time to take advantage of technology.


Course 12:

Good Business Principles

Learn some new business principles that will make your patient experience stand out and exceed patient expectations in health care when compared to standard healthcare.


Course 13:

How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

Many people say they want to make $150,000/year but are not even close nor on track to make that much. Find out the right way to do this and design a specific plan to achieve your financial goals.


Course 14:

Paperwork and Forms

Here are the forms and paperwork I use. You can download, copy and edit them as needed to fit your business.


Course 15:

Tracking Leads

This is how you will objectively measure your marketing leads, track leads sources, and the action taken


Course 16:

Reimbursement Form

Learn what you need to provide your patients to submit a claim for reimbursement or to apply it to their deductible.


Course 17:

Revenue and How Much To Charge?

Learn how to find out how much to charge and what will effect your charging. Also, are you charging enough to reach your goals? Find out here.


Course 18:

Startup business: KEEP OVERHEAD LOW!

I will say this often, but if you are a start up practice, you must keep your overhead low!!!


Course 19:

Business statistics

This is how you will measure the money you are spending each week or each month on a certain marketing strategy


Course 20:

The Patient Experience: BMW vs Mazda

When the patient walks in the door for the first time, the patient’s experience is a MAJOR FACTOR to whether the patient commits to receiving treatment from you and paying you cash.


Course 21:

The Score Card

This is how you will objectively measure your marketing, track your weekly and monthly stats, and calculate projections in revenue.


Course 22:

The Testimonial

Learn exactly what to do with a patient testimonial: the right questions to ask, sharing it, how to maximize it.


Course 23:

Value: You vs Standard Care

What is the difference between you and standard healthcare? Is there a difference? Also is there a difference between you vs standard physical therapy? Clearly define the difference here.


Course 24:

What is Your Business Plan?

A goal without a deadline or date, is just a wish. Stay focused on your goals with set dates, so you stay focused each year and make sure your are on pace to reach your goals. This will keep you focused and on track.


Course 25:

HIPAA Compliance

Here is a guideline on your policy and procedure manual, what to do with risk assessment, and HIPAA.

What Are Others Saying About Business 101

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

I purchased Dr. Ron Miller’s Business 101 and Marketing 101 programs before opening my Cash-based PT practice.  The simple, yet effective, easy-to-follow tutorials have made it very easy to initiate and be accountable for all areas of business and marketing.

David A. Wilderman, PT,DPT,MS

Wilderman Physical Therapy

The training and advice from Ron has been outstanding.  The structure and strategies that Ron has in place have really set me up for a successful outcome. It has been such a systematic way to have processes in place and to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I opened my clinic. I always receive at least 2 golden nuggets every time I speak with him!  If you have a cash PT practice, you need to have Ron Miller’s number in your phone. His program has accelerated me in being ready to have a success cash based practice.

Brian Murphy, DPT, OCS

Pinnacle Physical Therapy

“Business 101 really helped me kick start my start up! It provides details on everything from excel documents on start-up cost to recommended business books to lectures on patient communication. I was able to solidify my business plan and get the clinic rolling with his system.”

Jim Picard, DPT

Prevail Physical Therapy

Start Running Your Business Like a True Entrepreneur and Showing Huge Profits!

Learn my exact systems and processes of what I did to grow and expand my cash based physical therapy practice to a successful and profitable business generating over $300,000+ of yearly revenue!  All cash paying patients and no Medicare!

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