Should you choose a bigger company like Square, Intuit, PayPal?

Do you want to accept mobile transactions?

What will your transaction rate be?  Is there a fee per transaction?

Who has the best customer service?

Who has PCI compliance services?

Who has the responsibility if your account is hacked and patient payment infomation is stolen?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself when starting a merchant service for your cash based practice.  Find out everything about merchant services, credit card readers, and your cost per transactions HERE.  This is a great website that reviews all of the merchant services and rates them.  It is a great resource for us in a start up small business as a cash based PT practice.  You can review all of these service companies to see which one it the most cost efffective and best for you.

>>>CLICK HERE to Review a Website for All Merchant Services <<<

Currently in 2017, from my experience the best merchant services, easy to use, lower fees, using an EMV reader, PCI complaince, and best customer service are Intuit ($20/month, 1.7% rate, and .25 per transaction) and Go Cardconnect ( no monthly contract, 1.7-2.5% rate, .20 per transaction).







PS:  Are you going to have online transactions from your website?  If so you need an SSL Certificate to make sure your website is secure.  Click HERE to read more about SSL Certificates

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