This video is so good in so many ways for those owning a small business and a cash based physical therapy practice.


What can we learn from this video

  1.  it will take time (in years!)  to have a successful business
  2. focus and triple down on the ONE THING that will drive your buinsess
  3. sorry if I upset some people on this, but most millenials have no clue of reality and working hard
  4. Gary V does not like the Buffalo Bills
  5. Stop caring what others are doing.  The time you waste focusing on your competition and what others have is limiting your success
  6. love the process, the hard work, the sacrifices of creating a successful business.
  7. when you first start, you are going to work really hard, struggle,and long hours to make it successful in business.  Hard work will overcome this problem
  8. again, most millenials have no clue of REALITY
  9. goals, with no deadline and no plan, is just a fantasy dream with unrealistic expectations.  Create goals, with deadlines, and designa plan to reach the goal!
  10. Gary V is right! ha ha
  11. Organize, structure, and discipline your day.  Place daily tasks in the proper bucket
  12. If you have not met your goals and you if you have time for social media or watching TV, you ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH
  13. Love the grind!
  14. Gary V totally called her BS out 3x in this video!
  16. Work. and show me how much sales your work has produced.
  17. Learn how to make and manage money
  18. NO BS in business.  Winners see winners.
  19. Slow and steady wins the race.
  20. Grind and patience

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