Here are my top 5 equipment purchases in a cash based physical therapy practice that had the most value but was also faily cheap and effective:

1. IKEA 2 x 4 shelf – $65


For some reason, I just love this peice of furniture and it has many uses.  For the cost of $80 it is very cheap and, this is my opinion, this is the best product from IKEA ( I am not a big IKEA fan).  I have 3 of these in my clinic already!  Very useful and easy to assemble.

2. Ipad – $400-$800 ( Amazon, Sams Club or Costco)


This is such a great purchase that has multiple uses.  You can have anatomy apps to show patients and help explain their pathologies.  You can run your credit card reader throw this and have direct deposits into your business bank account.  You can stream music through your Ipad for the clinic.  You can download a “biomechanics app”  and video them running, swinging a golf club etc, and show the patient what they are doing wrong.  There are so many things you can do with an Ipad and it is well worth the $450-800 for your practice.

3.    The EDGE Tool – $115

EDGE Mobility Tool

I beleive the graston and other IASTM tools are WAY OVERPRICED!  The EDGE tool is from Dr. E at the Manualtherapist.com (if you are not following him by now, you should be!  Great content!) and he designed a cost effective tool to allow you to perform your IASTM on patients.  Highly recommend this product

4.  mini exercise loops (PerformBetter.com) $1 -$10 


These are so cheap and easy to give out to patients for HEP or gym programs.  You can also order them through other companies and add your logo to brand your product.  Its simple and easy to use for so many exercises.  I love this simple bu effective product

5.  Amazon prime membership – $80/year


I love Amazon and Bezos is a BEAST!  This just makes things so convenient for me to order supplies for the clinic:  paper towels, cleaners, toilet paper, heel lifts, lotion for IASTM, books, prefabricated orthotics, heel cups, SI joint belts, and anything else you could possibly need.  The free shipping on most products as a Prime member is worth it.  The cost savings and the convenience is well worth it


These are my top 5 purchases that I love for my Cash Based Physical Therapy Clinic.  What are yours?



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