1.  Become an expert Physical Therapist
You need to show better outcomes and results as compared to standard care.  Period.  But not only will you see patients who see the value in this, but you will also see complex cases that has failed multiple treatment approaches.  So you need to be able to see complex cases.  Your PRODUCT needs to be better than your competition
2.  Learn how to sell physical therapy

In business this is simple:  no sales = no revenue = no profit = no business.  
3.  Start with the end in mind

Clearly identifty your vision and goals, and then work backwards from this and desgin a plan to meet them.
4.  Learn how to market your business

If you want to open a cash based PT practice in an oversaturated healthcare market and keep the prinicple of getting patients better, faster, in fewer visits then standard care, you will have a marketing problem.  This is why I say you need to understand, master, and learn marketing.
5.  Take advantage of this current healthcare opportunity now and get ready to work hard

What better time than now to open a cash based practice!  Standard healthcare is so bad right now!  We can survive healthcare reform and truly show the real value that we can show the public and prospective patients.  9/10 small businesses fail and it is not due to the idea or product, it is due to execution and working hard.  Just be prepared to work hard.  Really hard!

BONUS TIP:  Never lose focus on your priorities in life, no matter how busy you get with your business and work.  Your priorities should always be : 1.  God, 2.  Family, and 3.  Work and business.




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