We need to start thinking like a business owner, investor, and successful entrepreneurs!

Think of it as Cash inflow vs CASH outflow.  Or cash expense vs cash value.

Here are some examples that highlight the concept of price vs value:

  • high capital investment vs low return on investment.  not good
  • cost of college  vs outcome of salary ????
  • cost for a college degree vs the value in the real world?????
  • cost of property vs investment and profit when selling the property
  • cost of new equipment vs revenue generated from it?? is overhead to high?  are expense too high?
  • cost of your time vs profit you can gain from it.  is it worth networking or giving a guest lecture?
  • cost of a book vs knowledge learned from it and future profit you can make????? Think about it.

You want low price for high value!!!! You will pick up great value if the price is lower than the overall value.  

Can you find investments that are 5x value?  or even 10x value!

Cost of my Business and Marketing 101 programs vs outcome value and the profit you can make with my courses.  

Can you invest roughly $1500 and turn your business into $10,000-$15,000 profit in 1-2 years like I did?

Always analyze Price vs Value when making business decisions!

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