(I little spin-off from an old classic!)

On the 12th day of Christmas, the Cash Based PT Mastermind group will be……..

12.  a group of passionate PTs that are set up for success in a cash based model, thriving in healthcare reform, doing what is best for their patients, showing better outcomes than standard care and their competiton, creating financial freedom, providing for their families, and treating patients the way it should be with high quality One-on-One care

11.  Have a mentor that already has a successful cash based practice generating $250+K/year

10.  Learn a proven process to manage your practice by, THE SCORE CARD, and how to objectively manage your makreting

9.  Accountability to reverse engineer your numbers to reach your 2018 goals and have the best year ever

8.  learn a proven phone call and evaluation processes to increase conversions

7.  consult with other PTs regarding complex cases

6.  learn proven marketing strategies to create leads

5.  real time Q&A and problem solving sessions from a mentor

4.  receive a testimonial outline that will squash your competition

3.  help design pain and solution awareness landing pages that work

2.  only $1 to join!!!! (Yes, this is correct!!!!!)

1. a 6-Figure Business and Mentorship Class for cash based PTs only

Ready to get started and grow your cash based practice!


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