So instead of taking a PTs advice on this…

I interviewed internet security experts on this topic and got some expert advice for us to use in our cash practices!

  1. Recommended Security Softwares:
    1. Norton
    2. McAfee
    3. (stay away from Kapersky)
    4. Security software protects your computers, tablets and smartphones from getting malware and viruses on them.  It does this by employing several integrated technologies, including antivirus, to protect in different ways. (…this includes blocking threats coming in from your internet connection, scanning all files and programs on your computer for threats, and additional AI and machine learning-based technologies to detect many different types of threats, even new malware.)
  2. Use a password manager
    1. this makes sure that none of your business and personal passwords are the same and can be auto-generated
    2. Dashlane – free
    3. or see if Norton or McAfee provide this service
    4. there are other free ones if you google it
  3. Enable two factor authentication for any account you can
    1. Business and personal
  4. Improve your wireless router to protect your internet
    1. this can be done for your house and business
    2. replace standard cable modem and wireless router ASUS router.
    3. this should have built in security from Tend Micro (also has parental control for kids…)
    4. add a firewall to business router
    5. at business… create secure network for business and separate network for guest
  5. If you have windows 10 – windows defender anti-virus works fine
    1. if not – norton anti-virus works great
  6.  Follow HIPAA guidelines for all patient communication and PHI storage
  7. You may not need a VPN for general business online searches…but for personal, yes it is recommended.
    1. What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you privacy and anonymity when you browse the web and use mobile apps. A VPN is a service that encrypts your online activity data and essentially puts it into a tunnel, creating a private network through your connection to the VPN servers.  It also provides security for your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots that are shared and not secure, since your activity on that network all goes through the VPN connection.
    2. This could be used on Ipad or cell phone if you process transactions this way or on mobile…to decrease credit card fraud
    3. “I run Pursuit through a cell phone and process transactions through an Ipad…so I have internet security and VPN running at all times on both to have a secure network and to protect data on cell phone”

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