This will show you exactly how to start a cash based physical therapy practice, without needing huge bank loan or going into massive amounts of debt.

This is what I did when I first started.  This is more of the “Hustle and Grind” approach.  Decreasing your life expenses, living within your means, downsizing, and lving very minimally until your business takes off and generates profits.  Many huge CEOs and multi-million dollar tech companies have started out just like this.

This is not for everyone, but when first starting a business with very little money (start up capital), this approach may be best for you at this time.  Its hard, but it works if you run your business right

See how I started my cash practice, what I did in the first year of my business, my systems and processes that I implemented and how I went from start up to $77K in revenue in year 1!

To Download Our Proven 19-Step Cash Based Start-up Checklist Click Below

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