I like to keep things simple and efficient.  So let’s classify marketing into just Internal vs External marketing.  


Internal = within your network

External = all other sources beyond your network


Internal marketing and WOM referrals are the gold standard of marketing and this will be your main source of referrals.   This will produce the highest conversion rate and when word starts spreading about your outcomes and services, your opportunities will start to  increase.


Internal Marketing

Word of Mouth (WOM) referrals

family and friends

Reaching out to former patients

Make current patients with a great experience market for you


Establish relationships and increase your circle of influence

Reaching out to your current network (let everyone you know locally about your business)


To grow your practice beyond leasing space in one room, to increase revenue beyond $10,000/month, and to overall grow your practice, you need to do some external marketing.  This is where marketing gets hard and you need proven strategies to make it work. Here are some examples:


External Marketing

Radio Ad

TV commercial

Internet Marketing

Pay per click (PPC) campaign on Google

Local Chambers

Local “niche market” groups

Social Media



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