So I recently was invited to a $200 Mastermind dinner (which was awesome by the way!) and we all shared some of our current book that we are ready
Here was the list organized by categories:
Learning about yourself:
  • mirror work by louise hay
  • can’t hurt me david goggins
Fav mindset books
  • Meditations marcus aurelius
  • master key system charles f haanel
  • the obstacle is the way and ego is the enemy by ryan holiday
  • performing under pressure
  • robert greene entire series
  • high performance habits
  • ready fire aim 100 million – michael masterson
  • ultimate sales machine – chet holmes
  • rockfellar habits – verne harnish
  • Scaling Up – Verne Harnish
fav sales/negotation
  • exactly what to say phil jones
  • never split the difference – chriss voss
  • pitch anything – oren klaff
  • sales seduction
customer experience 
  • giftology
  • effortless experience
  • convience revolution

What book do you have to add to the list?

Just put it in the comments below!

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