Who will best benefit from our Business 101 and Marketing 101 Courses?

Is Business 101 right for you?  Just look below


  1.  New PT graduate or new residency trained PT interested in starting a cash based practice.  Yes, you can do this!
  2. If you do not have a legit business plan and do not know what this is.
  3.  If you want to start a cash based PT practice but have no clue how to get started and how to run a business.  Remember, it is easy to open a clinic and business, but it is hard to run and manage a successful business!
  4. If you are tired of standard PT care and being triple booked every hour.  There is a better way!  You can leave standard care and start your own PT business
  5. If you want a mentor and FREE consultations along the business process to ask questions who has already is running a successful cash based practice
  6. If you have no clue how to run a successful business.


When do you need Marketing 101?  See below!


  1.  If you opened your practice but are not getting any new patients
  2.  If your marketing is working and you got 5 opportunites from your marketing, but you had no evaluations and no new patients.  This is a selling problem!  You need to learn how to sell PT!
  3. if you spend $700 or more on marketing and you only generate $100 of revenue.  This is not working and you need to make changes
  4.  If no prospective patients are scheduling when they call because you are cash based
  5.  If you opened your PT practice but no one is calling
  6. If you want to hit your break even point faster in fewer months
  7. If you do not know how to sell.  Yes, you need to learn how to sell your product and service!


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