This is some great information that you cann apply when opening a cash based private practice!

  1.  When starting a business with lots of competition or in an over saturated market with large competitors, your product has to be superior.  Far superior.  Your service has to be great, not good but great and far greater than your competition.
  2. Work like hell!  “If most people work 40 hours a week and if you work 80 hours a week, you will accomplish twice as much as they do in one year!”
  3. Your service or product should have high value to someone else
  4. When starting a business, have a high pain threshold.  When starting you are very optimistic and happy.  Then you run into hardships, failure, stress, and a whole lot of hurt.  Happiness decreases.  Then if you make it, and most businesses don’t, then they happiness will return.
  5. You have to love what you do.  If so, you will constantly think about work, even at rest.  You will think about it a lot even not at work.  You will almost be obsessed with it.

Do you have what it takes to run a successful cash based practice?

Are you doing what it takes to make your practice successful?

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