CEO: Managing People

  1.  Tell your employees the truth.  Don’t lie to them
  2. Don’t intimidate others.  Set examples.  If you talk the talk, you walk the walk
  3. Problem together as a team.  Its not all up to you.  Involve your team together, solve a problem, provide a solution, and work together to resolve it.
  4. promote good work.  incentivize and make sure the employee has target goals to strive for.  reward accomplishing the goal.  Its perfectly fine to give promotions as long as the numbers still work
  5. Educate the employees on the BIG GOALs on the company and the Vivid Vision.  So they do not confounded by their only small stat and job task.  Show them the big challenge, let them experience “the game” of competing against the challenge, getting hungry for it, and the success of winning! This will motivate them, inspire them, and create great team bonding at the end when the team wins together.  Satisfaction of working hard and accomplishment

“Management is all about instilling that desire to win.  It’s about instilliing self-esteem and pride, that special glow you get when you know you’re a winner.”

Jack Stack – The Great Game of Business

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