501: Making Ambassador patients do the work for you

So you know they 3 types of prospective patients online, but what kind of patients are there?  Yes, as you grow your practice , you may have noticed that your patients are different.  Whether they have a successful outcome and experience, some refer other people and some don’t???  Some patients only take action when incentivized eventhough they had a great outcome???  Why?  There are different types of patients and when identified, how can we take advantage of this?

What types of patients are there?

  1. Antagonist – see little to know value in our services
  2. Passive Customers – whether they have a + or – experience, they have no loyalty and don’t tell others
  3. Opportunist – patients that have a good experience but, only take advantage of specials and then return to passive (price is main concern)
  4. Loyalist – patients who react to positive services with repeat purchases. The always come back and see value but only occasionally tell others
  5. Ambassador patients – loyal patients who greatly see the value of our services and highly recommend others with extensive influencing networks. They feel almost apart of the business and often recommend ways to improve the service too.


Clearly idendify your Ambassador patients



How to maximize Ambassador patients?

  1.  Thank you cards
  2. quarterly phone call
  3. special CRM campaign to them
  4. Thank you cards for referrals
  5. Get them involved.  Ask them for feedback of your business.  How to improve.  What to change?  How to get better
  6. if they are business owners and ver successful people, take them out to lunch or coffee and ask questions.
  7. Share books with them



How to convert Loyalists to Ambassadors?

KEYS to converting patients to ambassadors

  1. Results
  2. Great patient experience consistently
  3. Get them involved in the buisness by asking them for feedback


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