CEO: Affecting attitudes and behavior to staff

pg 174


Leadership activity:

categorize your quarterly or yearly projects into : sales, marketing,  and their goals:  revenue, profit, customers service, employee satisfaction

pg 33 on double double

Create a winning environment

celebrate wimming and acheivements

bulletin boards with new ideas

listen to problems what your employees tell you and provide solutions together

establish pride in the company and the employees work – open houses, events at work, team dinners, rewards goals being met.  make them feel proud about their job

create a winning team

build a game for the team

focus on the positive, remove the negative

set goals for each employee


keep work at the work place

create getting paid based on results not time

set time in schedule for meeting and to assist with non treatment times so work stays at work and outside of work they can focus on life, family, etc


give back to community as a team

help local communties, volunteer hours, or help donate all together as a team to organziations


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