EMPLOYEE: The Employee Score Card and Education

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I believe that the employee needs to understand how the system works and pretty much how business works.  This helps them work harder for you if they undestand why and how the numbers work.   All that they need is there own individual SCORE CARD.

Their personal score card allows them to see the numbers and how it works.

You need to educate them on where the money goes with one charge of $150.  fees, taxes, salary, payroll taxes, income taxes, cost per visit, etc.  This helps them understand it better .  This will get rid of the pay me more money problem.  If they want something, they need to earn it and clearly understand how to get it

The need to clearly see their financial goals and objectives.  The score card allows them to see how they can reach their goals

Educate the employee on profit sharing and redisriputing company wealth.  Show them if every quarter , if the company is showing profit, you get some of the profit.  We are re-distributing the company earning and wealth back into the people who helped create it.  Who doesn’t want to work for a company who does this!

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