501: Scaling and Growing into a Bigger Market

After you dominated a niche market during your start-up phase (or as in the E-myth the infancy and adolescant stages) , now its time to grow and expand into related or slightly larger markets.

Just like Amazon.  Amazon wanted to dominate online retail, but just started out just selling books.  Once they dominated that market, then they expanded into other markets and retail, and now its dominating online retail.  Its a great strategy to start small and then expand into bigger markets.  This allows you to start small, then scale and grow, have long term success towards your big vision.

Sequencing markets correctly is underrated and it takes discipline to expand gradually.  The most successful companies make the core progression – to first dominate a specific niche and then scale to adjacent markets.

-Peter Thiel , Zero to One

Business is like chess, not checkers.  You need to have a proven strategy.  This is why in Business 101 I recommended starting out small, identify one niche market to start, and then design a marketing strategy for that niche market.  So now lets identify adjacent niche markets to target and expand too.

What market are you going to dominate next?

What is your 3 and 5 year plan to do this?

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