501: Policy Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual

I am creating a policy and procedure manual for my clinic as I continue to grow.  This is where I document events, keep my HIPAA compliance documentation, risk assessments, and I clearly state my policy and procedures for new employees, current employees, and students.  The policies are how I want things to be performed with my business or in case of an event.  Procedures can be written to explain how things should be performed, like certain treatments, etc.  Below is an example policy statement layout.  You can use my forms and edit the as needed.  I will continue to update this list as a continue to expand my policy and procedure manual.

Policy – Internet Security


You can write your individual clinic policy and procedures how you like but here are some of my policy topics to start:

  1. Discharging patient process
  2. evaluation procedure
  3. FL PT practice act
  4. FL laws and rules for PT (minimal standard of practice)
  5. Health care clinic
  6. HIPAA compliance
  7. HIPAA risk assessments
  8. Internet security
  9. Documentation
  10. Marketing to public
  11. Medical errors and general risk assessment
  12. Medicare policy
  13. Money Back Guarantee Policy
  14. Opening and closing clinic
  15. Payment for services
  16. Pro bono services
  17. Weekly score cards
  18. Treatments
  19. Goals and values of Pursuit
  20. Accidents
  21. Testimonial process
  22. Care Credit policy
  23. Communication with patient policy
  24.  Cervical pain / headache screening policy

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